It’s been a while.

It’s been a while.


I still miss you so. fucking. much.

Horoscope a little late?

Yesterday: Temptations are going to be popping up all over the place — turn up the discipline.

Today: You need a lot of self-discipline to get started today. Temptation is everywhere.

So far, no temptations. However 3 days ago, shit sucked and I was hospitalized.

LATE MUCH???? -_-

Wrong Way

I looked at me in the mirror and saw
The same piece of grime chopped up with a hacksaw
And it seems to me like you see all these flaws
Since all you can tell me is that I’ve broken all laws

If you say you understand me the way you do
Then why are my words so misconstrued by you
You’re one of the very small group of few
That even knows half the shit inside that’s brewed

My anger is only secondary
I’ve tried to show you what isn’t buried
And you tell me it’s just me wanting pity
When I can get that from this whole fucking city

All I truly want is for you to get me
Someone that’s there that will never hit me
Physically or emotionally or mentally, don’t forget me
In the end I just want to love you. Let me.

I’ve got your back forever, babe
Don’t take this as a goodbye or a lessening crave
Because I long for you and feel for you every day
You’re the only one right now that makes my heart and soul feel okay.

No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings.
-William Blake

I feel more alive than ever. My heart belonged to you the whole time.. I just couldn’t see it yet. I can only imagine you in front of me again.